Over a period of 30 years Susan Stitt ACS has worked 2 careers. One, working her way up through the international film and commercial industries,  on feature films, and shooting prestigious campaigns, as a Cinematographer/Director, and Two, cooking, menu making, consulting, owning restaurants, and private and cafe chef.

Susan co- owned the two chefs hat awarded restaurant POND in Sydney Australia, which won an unpredcented 2 chefs hats in its first year of operations, launching the careers of Guillaume Brahimi and Peter Gilmore as 2 of Australia's 5 top current chefs. Both have cooked at the Sydney Opera house and have both inhabited the overseas terminal site. Peter Gilmore has 3 chefs hats and runs "Quay" which is in the San Pelligreno Worlds Top 50. Guillaume Has Guillaume Bistro in Multiple locations in Australia.

Her cooking for private clients has lasted 30 years. She has managed prestigious functions for the well heeled in Sydney Australia and globally. She has managed high end private dining, both personal and corporate. Always with a 'Farm to Table' ethic, she sources peak local produce and international indigenous ingredients. 

She has contributed to the LA Times food section, and has appeared in Vogue Australia. 

Susan spent 6 years working for cafe "Alimentari" as their 'in-house' chef, and she has 6 titles self published on Amazon Kindle under the 'Wildwithgarnish' moniker.

Susan is no 7 of 10 female cinematographers in Australia with her accredited letters, and has has been awarded GOLD SILVER and BRONZE in 2017 for the Australian Cinematographer Society awards for excellence. 

Susan is represented by Artistry in Los Angeles USA. She lives between NOHO, Los Angeles, Tribeca, New York USA, and a property in Tarana in the countryside in New South Wales, Australia.

Clients : Sanitarium, Arnott's, KFC, Hungry Jacks, delicious magazine, taste magazine, Vogue Australia, Hungry Jacks, Jaguar, Westfield, Mercedes, Ford USA, Chrysler, Hyundai, Honda, Subaru, Lexus, De Beers, UBER, Samsung, GJ Gardner, Danone, MacDonalds, Farmers NZ, Kora, Subaru, Danone yoghurt, Nescafe, Toro, Satine China, Qantas.